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12th Aug 2014


We will be host tournaments as soon as the sponsorship with IClanWebsites go through. 

Some will be free some with be paid. The payout for the paid tourneys will be around 85%. The winners of the free tourneys will receive a shoutout on Twitter and on the site.

There will be requirements for the tourneys. Such as we will look to see how many post per day you have. You are required 1 per day. Ones that don't have 1 per day cannot participate until they average a post per day. It shows on your profile. 

For paid tourneys you don't have to have any certain amount of post. Mostly because you have paid for this tourney. It is recommended that you have 1 post per day though because most things are undoable with out it.

The winner will receive there money via PayPal. You will also send in your money via donation center thats linked to the clan PayPal. Please note trying to scam or say that you paid when you didn't will result in you getting kicked out of the clan or permanently deranked. 

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Joined: 10th Aug 2014
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12th Aug 2014

Can't wait I love the competitive strive in friendly tournaments.
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